CBU and Trust Senior Teams

Our CBU (Central Business Unit ) is located in Liskeard School and Community College.  This is where all of the central functions of the MAT take place.  The CBU is led by the CEO and CFO who, together with the Headteachers of the schools, make up the Senior MAT team.

The Senior MAT team meet regularly to peer review each school and debate policy and strategy. Pen portraits of these senior staff appear below.

Mr Dan Buckley

Mr Dan Buckley



I started my career as a secondary school science teacher and after twelve years of teaching won a UK National Teacher of the Year award for Innovation and Creativity.  I progressed through school management positions, winning the UK BECTA Secondary Leadership award in 2003.  In 2004 I joined Mott Macdonald, Cambridge Education eventually becoming their International Director of Pedagogy, Research and Development.  I gained further recognition through: the publication of the ‘Personalisation by Pieces Framework’ in which I defined the Personalisation ‘For’ and ‘By’ model; a Milne Award in 2006, a BETT award in 2007 and in 2008 I was invited to become a Fellow of Education Impact. In 2010 I was commissioned by Microsoft to write their Partners in Learning ‘Worldwide Innovative Schools’ workshops.

I was fortunate to gain international recognition for my work in school improvement through effective strategic planning and assessment in both primary and secondary phases.  This enabled me to work as a national conference keynote speaker, coach, mentor and consultant to primary and secondary schools in over 30 countries as well as advising ministries and school districts on large scale change projects and award winning school design projects.  As a child from a disadvantaged background myself, I am passionate about providing every child with the opportunities to unlock their potential.  As well as academic achievements this includes the role of student leadership and the development of skills that underpin all learning.  Following on from my work in the development of the PLTS I defined the SECRET skills framework which is now in use in over 30 countries worldwide (www.learningbyladders.com)

In May 2017 I took up the position of CEO for SMART and feel enormously privileged to have the opportunity to support the whole community of children, parents and staff in South East Cornwall.

Mrs Jo Lumbard

Mrs Jo Lumbard



I was educated in South East Cornwall like both my children. I am passionate about trying to provide the very best possible opportunities for young people in the local area so they may take full advantage of their future potential.

Spanning nearly thirty years, my roles during my career so far have included working as an Accounts Assistant, Finance Analyst, Accountant and Business Manager.

I began my career working in accounting and finance in the Private sector in both the leisure and retail industry. During this time I studied for both The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) and The Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (ACCA) professional accounting qualifications.

In 2010, I decided to take a side step into School Business Management. I commenced the role of Business Manager at saltash.net community school in 2011 as it became one of the early academy converters.

Since then, I have been at the heart of the academy trust’s business and finance operations and its subsequent expansions.

In April 2017 I took up the post of Chief Financial Officer for SMART.

Dobwalls Community Primary School
At Dobwalls, we are passionate about ‘building powerful learners’. We are delighted that as part of SMART we will be joining a group of schools that share a similar ethos. The strong partnerships that have already been developed in joining SMART will continue to promote a broad range of learning opportunities and experiences that challenge, support and develop the personal talents, abilities and needs of all members of our school communities. This is an exciting time for children across South East Cornwall.
Tim Gray, Head Teacher

Landulph School
At Landulph, we have benefited hugely from being part of SMART and working closely with saltash.net. Staff and children working together has enhanced the opportunities for all. We are excited about the next chapter with more schools joining us and we are looking forward to working together to share expertise, learn from others and provide more opportunities for our children to share learning with each other.
Karen Ball, Head Teacher

Liskeard School and Community College
At Liskeard, we believe in ‘achieving more together’. The ethos and culture we have is based on the view that we all benefit through co-operation and by supporting each other. The joining of SMART and forming a close partnership with other like-minded local schools, therefore, is the obvious and most natural thing to do. I am genuinely excited about the opportunities that being part of SMART will bring to the staff, the students and the wonderful community of Liskeard. The future looks bright.
Alex Lingard, Head Teacher

Looe Community Academy
We are leading the way in a changing educational landscape. I am delighted that the informal collaboration we have had for many years, which has benefited us all, is now being formed into a new multi academy trust, SMART. Working together will increase opportunities for our students and young people and improve professional development for staff. As a group, we are all driven by the moral purpose of preparing our learners to be the best they can be. This exciting development can only strengthen and support all our communities.
Scott Yalden, Head Teacher

saltash.net community school
We have really enjoyed working in our multi-academy trust with Landulph Primary school over the last few years: students and staff have benefited immeasurably. It is now really exciting to be moving on to the next stage of this venture; joining forces with other local schools to enrich and strengthen the opportunities for even more children in South East Cornwall. Together we are stronger.
Kate Littledyke, Head Teacher

Trewidland Primary School
At Trewidland our mission is to ‘recognise the unique talents of our pupils and to inspire excellence across the curriculum’. Being part of SMART and developing a close working relationship with schools with similar aspirations for excellence will further enhance and enrich the wide range of exciting opportunities available for our pupils, staff and the wider community. I have no doubt that in being part of SMART we are at the forefront of something really special.
Vyvyan Lovell, Head Teacher