Liskeard School and Community College were privileged to work with Tam Fowles from Hope in the Heart, a not-for-profit social enterprise based in Cornwall, to be the first school in Cornwall to host the international exhibition Anne Frank: A History for Today. Liskeard was selected as one of only two schools in the South West to pilot the Anne Frank School’s project that has been running across the country for the last 25 years.

The exhibition was a 33 panelled display that tells the story of Anne Frank and the history of the Holocaust. Simon Pollard, Head of History described it as “a really good exhibition that was extremely well presented by our student leaders.”

Sixteen student leaders were trained to lead peers through the exhibition. Students from Year 8 and 9 and A-level historians came to visit the exhibition during the week. They were skilfully led through the exhibition by the trained student leaders. A Year 9 student said, “It was really interesting and I learned a lot.”

Primary students from Darite and Trewidland visited the exhibition during the week and the student leaders brilliantly adapted the presentation for the new audience and were a credit to the school all week.

The Year 8 classes who visited the exhibition had follow up workshops that discussed issues of prejudice and discrimination today in a context that is relevant to students’ own experiences. The students were willing to share their own experiences to contribute to the valuable discussions.

Tam Fowles from Hope in the Heart said, “It has been a pleasure to work with the students at Liskeard School and Community College and to see them progress as they’ve learned Anne Frank’s story and seen the relevance of the issues it raised in today’s society. The programme aims to inspire empathy and raise awareness of how prejudice and discrimination can grow to uncontrollable proportions. Liskeard students have grasped the concepts and shown a passionate concern for people who are marginalised or oppressed.”

This exhibition follows on from recent workshops and hate crime competition with PC Turner-Moore.  The work of Liskeard students who entered the competition were displayed in Truro Cathedral for the Holocaust Memorial Day.

The exhibition is now permanently based in Plymouth and is available to schools and groups across the South West. Contact