Children from SMART’s three primary schools recently visited London for an action packed trip, that saw them visit museums, the theatre, the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and much, much more! Here’s what pupils from Landulph thought of the trip…

‘London was the best school trip I’ve ever been on.  It was so nice to go with both Dobwalls and Trewidland and we were able to make a few new friends.  Our favourite part was going to see The Lion King in the West End also we really enjoyed the Natural History Museum.  We liked going to the theatre because we both love drama and we definitely felt very emotional.  The Houses of Parliament were also very interesting and we couldn’t believe how lucky we were to get to see real debating happening.  We learnt lots about how laws are made and Sophia even had a go at hosting her own debate which is good practise as she wants to be a politician when she grows up.’  – Lilly and Sophia

‘The best part of London for me was going to The Science Museum because there were so many new and fun things to look at and play with.  We were able to look at engines of aeroplanes and rockets which were so interesting.  I loved having the chance to go to London and although I was a bit nervous to go, I think you should definitely go if you get the chance.’  – Harry

‘My favourite part of the London experience was going on The London Eye.  Our guide, Sarah, was an expert on the local landmarks and was really nice to talk to.  I loved learning all about the landmarks that you see on the TV but the most interesting was Cleopatra’s Needle.  Also, I loved having a chance to go inside of St. Paul’s Cathedral.  The ceiling was so beautiful and grand.  Going with all of the other primary schools in the MAT meant that I was able to meet new people, and the girls I shared a room with were incredible nice.  London was a trip packed with fun and on the 5 hour drive home, we even got to see Stonehenge which was amazing.  I would definitely go again and would recommend it to everyone who didn’t go’ – Evie