On Wednesday 22nd November, some of years 5/6 went to Trelawney Academy at LSCC, to learn a bit more about photography.

First we were introduced to Mr Pascoe, our photography teacher for the day and Mr Bowden, our assistant teacher.  Next we all looked at different types of camera and how to use them, there was one lunch box which was also a camera – it was so cool!

After that, half of us went into the dark room. It was quite dark but there was a bit of red lighting in there.  We all chose either a feather, bottle or a net to have a picture under the enlarger (which is basically a camera but bigger).  Straight after that we put our invisible pictures into some chemicals which turned everything outside of it black except our picture.

Finally we tried to draw our picture and put a lot of detail into it.

By Amy Y5

Trewidland School