This year’s Young Enterprise team, made up of nine year 10 students, recently travelled to Cornwall Services for their first trade fair of the year and experienced first-hand what it is like to sell products to the public. – the name of the team – have been working on their product since October and have decided to develop a product range of mobile device accessories. Even in the early stages, the team managed to develop a prototype to show to customers at the trade fair and gain invaluable market research about their product range.

Courtney Chapman, Marketing Director, said “The trade fair gave me business experience which I know will be beneficial when I enter the work industry as an adult’. Sam Shapland, Financial Director, added “So far, the YE programme has taught me skills I can use in later life.” also saw the trade fair as an opportunity to raise capital to allow them to act on the market research and further research and develop their product. In preparation for the fair, students created and printed business cards and company t-shirts, as well as hand crafting a number of products that could be sold as Christmas gifts – such as light jars and confectionary.

As well as an opportunity to sell their products, the trade fair was also used for Young Enterprise to judge the teams on their progress so far in some key areas. Feedback from the judges was overwhelmingly positive and they commented on how organised and prepared the team were and said it was clear how much effort has already been put in by the team. They specifically acknowledged the team for their effort on their branding and how professional they looked.

Being judged against university and college students, won an award for the best use of ‘YE Online’ – the online platform provided by Young Enterprise for the general running and progress of the business. The team were also very pleased to make over £70 in sales which can now be re-invested in the business.

Talking about the programme as a whole, James Knight, Managing Director for, said “The Young Enterprise programme so far has been an amazing experience and is really helping me understand what I want to do when I grow up. From this, I have learnt that you have to work hard to achieve your goals.”

As always, good luck to them in the next stage of developing their product, and watch this space for future information!