Congratulations to Looe Community Academy’s Year 9 student Kasey Scarahone of the students who had their mini-saga published in the book ‘Welcome to Wonderland:  Timeless Tales’ – who is also now one of the five winners out of 11,000 who have received a Kindle Fire! In addition, the school could also win win £1,000 or £500, if Kasey comes 1st or 2nd from those five.

You can read Kasey’s story below and find out more about the Young Writers competition and winners here:

The wind carried the spores around the storm-cracked city,
the absence of noise was deadly; the hush of the silence
creeping up on your shadows. I stayed where the shadows
weren’t, I was safe then. They couldn’t touch me, or they
would burn. The vaccine was ready, this would be over. I
gazed steadily and intently into the auburn syringe, the
opportunities that it contained. The people that had turned
roamed the city as their own, rocking back and forth in the
roads, waiting for their daily feed of flesh. I jumped on one’s
back, injecting it with life…