Dobwalls Community Primary School has been at the heart of a new community initiative in recent weeks, as it has started running a knitting club.

The ‘Knit-a-bit’ club has been running since February half term, starting with 8 children and 8 adults, before recently inviting 3 extra children to take part. This comes after some great progress by the 8 original children, who are now confident at knitting a basic stitch.

Their progress has allowed their knitting mentors, who are on hand to help, to help the newer members of the group, and helping the more experienced children to work independently.

The group was started by Faye Gray, who wanted to create a community feel as she knows the importance of knowledge sharing and building friendships, through her experience with other knit and craft groups.

The group are currently knitting squares to make blankets, and have also hosted spinning wool sessions. They hope to be able to dye the products from these sessions this summer.

Faye is looking to expand the group and the skills they are learning, working with other SMART schools and groups in the area, whilst also looking to explore arm knitting, making toys, using knitting machines, loom knitting, weaving, crochet and more.

Dobwalls 'Knit-a-Bit' club