Looe Community Academy’s recent production of High School Musical Jr was dedicated as a special tribute to their charismatic Leader of Performing Arts Joelle Hingley (nee Goodwin) who sadly died last year.  This amazing lady had been planning the school production with her close colleagues’ drama teacher Claire Turon, music teacher Stefan Richards and leader of Art Kelly Wood, and even though she didn’t live to see the production, her immense passion and the inspiration she gave the department can be seen in the children she taught to enjoy performing.

From Tuesday 6th to Thursday 8th February the week before half term Looe Community Academy filled their school stage with a passionate cast from years 7 to 11, for an immensely uplifting production of ‘High School Musical Jr’. They wowed their audiences, firstly from the school’s feeder primaries followed by two very successful and much loved evening performances to which Joelle’s husband and children were honoured guests. Audiences were treated to the fact that every single member of the 50 strong cast, no matter their age, experience or role was ‘triple threat’ with them all singing, dancing and acting together.

Especially commissioned coloured t-shirts clearly set out the different school cliques of jocks, cheerleaders, brainiacs, skaters and thespians as they performed full-on song and dance numbers within a set of American bleachers (provided by Event Services), and projected backdrops of photographs of familiar places and people from around the school also set the scenes. Not only did many performers discover previously unconsidered talents by taking part in this show, but also many students and audience members were uplifted by the message that you don’t have to conform to a label and you can let your talents shine through. Leading Roles – were taken by

Tyler Seymour – Year 10 as Troy Bolton

George Ingham – Year 11 as  Coach Bolton

Charlie Hele – Year 10 as Chad Danforth

Ellie Morozow – Year 11 as Ms Darbus

Jack Philp – Year 11 as Ryan Evans

Abbie Platt – Year 11 as Sharpay Evans

Jasmine Webber – Year 10 as Taylor McKessie

India Mullings – Year 10 as Gabrielle Montez

Looe Community Academy perform High School Musical Jr