On 16th April, the Sugar Leaders (Chris and Andy) came to Class 2 to teach us about how much is in different foods.

The daily allowance for 6-10 year olds is 6 sugar cubes and 11+ is 7. There is an app called ‘Sugar Smart Food Scanner’ which can show you the amount of sugar cubes in the food. It also shows you the fat content. We were astonished about how much sugar is in Nutella – in 1kg jar there are 142 sugar cubes!

To demonstrate the effect of sugar on our teeth, we created an experiment with eggs. We put a hard-boiled egg in 5 different drinks: water, orange juice (with bits), grapefruit juice, Lucozade and coke. Then we left them for several days. We used eggs to represent our teeth because they have similar properties.

At the end of the experiment the egg shells were discoloured and covered in a film, except for the egg that was in the water. It showed us the importance of brushing our teeth because of the high sugar content, even in natural fruit juices. The worst egg was the one in coke.

Chris and Andy told us that if we ate too much sugar, fat would start to build up in our stomach.

Children should be active for at least 60 minutes a day. Consequently we spent a lot of time outside trying out new games including; vegetable throw, assorting tight rope and dodge ball. These were all fun ways to exercise.

We learnt a lot throughout the day and now think more carefully about our daily allowance and exercise.

By Class 2


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