On the 23rd April Mrs Alan (our bikeability instructor) taught class 2, Year 3 to Year 6, road safety.  To start the day, Year 3 and 4 were riding through the playground, weaving in and out of tyres, before practising putting one hand off our bikes, to indicate on the road.  Even though we were only riding our bikes with her for one hour she taught us a lot more about road safety.

Mrs Alan came in again on the 25th to spend a day with Year 5. First we were going over the things that we had learnt on the 23rd April, and after that we were jumping for joy because she said we were going to hit the road.However, as we were going on the road, we would have an enormous hill to climb.

We were determined to get up the hill and luckily our determination paid off and we reached the top, although it was a lot harder than we expected.  Then we went through the Trewidland village  so that we could learn the distance we need to keep away from cars on the road. Finally, we rode down the school hill dodging potholes, but it was very good fun.  Overall we had an exciting day.  Thank you Mrs Alan.

Class 2

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