Children at Dobwalls Community Primary School have been exploring Cornish history as part of their curriculum, and welcomed in local historians who brought the stories to life!

Local historians from St Neot, County Councillor Martin Eddy, Nick Hart and Chris Timms, brought to life the legend of St Neot: the three fish in the well.  They acted out the story, taking on the roles of Neot, Barius and Pinnock – with props, singing and a range of languages!  The children learnt that Neot was alive around 800AD – whether the legend is true or not is up to you!

The historians taught the pupils to sing the prayer Our Father in Latin and explained the problem that Neot faced when spreading Christianity in local villages like Dobwalls.  It is believed that Neot was only allowed to pray in Latin, whilst locals only understood Cornish.  The moral of the story was: we live in a world where we have plenty. We must not be greedy and only take what we need.

A great big thank you to the historians for such an interesting afternoon who thoroughly engaged all of the children.