In the morning on Wednesday 1st May 2019, Mrs Gillbard came in to tell the school about the eggs and chicks.

She got us to sit in a circle and she passed an egg around and put it to our ear so we could tweet to the chick inside.  Eventually we all heard it.

Then she showed us the development of a chick inside an egg.  It was amazing to see how a yolk of an egg transforms into a fluffy chick.

The chick eats the yolk that is left inside the egg for food.  It only takes 21 days for a chick to hatch.

There is a protective membrane on the outside of the egg to stop any bacteria getting in it.

The eggs need to be kept in an incubator that is 37.5 degrees, even if the degrees goes a degree higher or lower the chick dies in the egg.  The incubator needs a wet paper towel in it to keep the humidity up.

Overall it was an excellent morning to learn about these cute and fluffy animals.

By Poppy Y4

Chicks at Trewidland