On Thursday 23rd January 2020, Trewidland Primary School went on a school trip to Siblyback Lake and Golitha Falls.  We were all feeling very excited which made us very loud indeed.  When we got to Siblyback, we put all our bags down and then we walked to the dam and played ‘Pooh Sticks’.

After that we walked back and had lunch and had a play in the park.  It was fun, a lot of fun!  Then we went back to the mini bus to Golitha Falls.  When we got there we had a talk about safety and our teacher (Mrs Hercod) told us what to look for, then we started walking. We kept walking until we got to a man-made bridge, we went over that and then we got to have hot chocolate and a biscuit.  It was delicious! We then walked to the cascades, it was very loud, very loud, but it was still fun.

We then measured two meters and timed a cork as it went by the two meter mark, it only took two seconds.  Then we went back to school.  At the end of the day our parents picked us up from school to take us home.

By Lolo, Y3