Students from Liskeard School and Community College, together with students from Looe Community Academy and Saltash Community School (all part of the SMART Schools Trust) have once again had the fantastic opportunity to try their hands at surgery, during a special Operating Theatre Live event held at Liskeard school.

Operating Theatre Live is the UK’s only touring dissection-based surgical experience; they travel the country setting up virtual operating theatres for students to gain experience of anatomy and physiology. Students from across years 8 – 11, had the opportunity to get a taste of working in the clinical profession from a very hands-on point of view.

Working in teams around an operating table, a real life scenario was set up, with students being encouraged to assess and communicate with their patient before preparing them for surgery. They independently calculated the required concentration and dosage before anesthetising their patient. Once anaesthetised, students looked at the structure, role and physiology of the brain and eye. They were able to remove the brain from the cranial vault and identify structures such as the cerebellum. Following this, students learned to intubate their patient and dissected the lungs and heart.

Mrs Michelle Inger, who had worked with Operating Theatre Live to organise the session, was delighted with the students’ response. “It was wonderful to see the students really engaging with each experience; it really gave our students the opportunity to engage with others who have similar career aspirations and to get excited about how amazing the human body is” she said.

Students who took part in the event described the experience as, ‘it was just awesome’, ‘I never thought I’d actually get to hold a real brain, it was really interesting’.