On Friday 17th July, the efforts of a year 9 Liskeard student all came together to create a leaving event for the ‘In School Provision’ staff and students. What started out as a small ceremony to award five students their Bronze Arts Award certificates then grew into a much more daunting challenge for Ellen Smith.

Along with 4 other students, who volunteered their help and support, Ellen co-ordinated the whole event as part of her Silver Arts Award work. But before she started she had to have meetings with Assistant heads Mrs Penberthy and Ms Birkbeck in order to clarify the necessary steps with applying government guidelines to an event.

Ellen worked hard to apply as much of these guidelines as were required.

When the day for the event arrived, before the audience went outside to the quad area for the presentations they were treated to an exhibition of student work from the lockdown period. Ellen was lucky enough to have support from Jenny Brown, who usually co-ordinates school entries at the Liskeard Show. The Library area was turned into a ‘one-way, two metered, socially distanced experience’.

Luckily the sun shone, but the work was still challenging as strict social distancing had to be adhered to. Students delivered prizes (to the teachers to distribute) wearing gloves and the staging needed to be set up so that it was far away from the audience, who sat in their bubble groups with their teachers.

Drum rolls were provided between sections by one student, but he had to be careful to stay away from others and was supported by Mrs Warwick (who has professional experience of lockdown theatre), who also made sure the microphones were wiped between each speaker!

Alex Lingard, headteacher, was presented with gifts from support staff.

Thomasena Foss, a member of staff who had worked with the group throughout the whole of the lockdown period, presented a fantastic book of memories to Mr Lingard where the students had all contributed a memoir of the time that they have spent at Liskeard school.