The sun shone down on the Year 11 students at Saltash Community School as they received their GCSE results today. Having not been able to celebrate the end of Year 11 as we normally would, it was lovely to be able to see so many students today and to mark the end of their five years with us. They have worked so hard that it was wonderful to see them get the results they deserved. We are incredibly proud of their achievements across those five years, of which their GCSEs are just one small part. We have watched them grow into strong, confident and compassionate young people who are well prepared for their next steps.

Kate Littledyke, Headteacher, said, ā€œIā€™d personally like to congratulate the students. They worked incredibly hard throughout their GCSE years, not just on their academic studies, but also on developing a range of skills and attributes that have helped them become well-rounded individuals of which I am incredibly proud.ā€ We wish all of our students all the very best in the future and look forward to welcoming the majority back to 6th Form in September.