Year 8 pupils Isaac, Ashley, Dylan and Kyle have recently embarked upon a journey to raise money for the Cancer Research UK charity.

They are raising the funds by running the vertical height of the 5 tallest mountains in the world. Makalu is 8.46km, Lhotse is 8.51km, Kangchenjunga is 8.58km, K2 is 8.61km and Mount Everest is 8.85km. All of the pupils ran the height of Mount Everest and one other mountain, with an average distance of 17.5km covered!

The pupils have shown outstanding Tenacity, Empathy, Aspiration and Motivation – the four core values here at Saltash Community School – in this challenge. Their ambition was to get active and help support the charity throughout the challenging times we currently find ourselves in.

Their Form Tutor Mr Farnham would like to thank the boys for leading such an inspirational project that has already raised nearly £400!