Whilst in such uncertain and difficult times, which have restricted opportunities within PE and reduced physical activity levels of  students, the PE Department at Looe Community Academy wanted to introduce an activity to benefit students’ physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing whilst ensuring all Covid guidelines were being followed.
Mr Riley first had the idea towards the end of the summer term, when things looked pretty bleak and participation in sport and PE looked extremely limited. Upon returning in September, although improved, PE still faced huge restrictions as a practical based subject, so he decided to act upon his idea.
The main objective behind designing the course and utilising it as an activity within PE lessons, was to create an activity that focussed entirely on all aspects of pupils’ wellbeing, whilst ensuring all Covid 19 safety protocols were maintained. Based on the difficult circumstances pupils have had to experience, and are still experiencing, this was an activity that would hopefully help every childs’ physical, mental, social and emotional health and wellbeing. By getting pupils active, walking & running around the huge course, testing their skills and ideas through fun challenges on the course, enabling them to interact and engage with friends socially whilst participating at a safe distance and experiencing the emotional benefits of being outdoors, getting vitamin D and releasing those feel-good hormones that physical activity releases. 
Ultimately, after an enormous amount of time and effort, and thanks to a truly heart-warming level of support from local businesses helping to supply and source materials and tools to build the course, pupils have spent most of last term experiencing the Looe Community Academy Football Golf experience, and they have loved it.
It has been wonderful to see every pupil, regardless of footballing ability, engaging in this activity and being excited to get back out and play again. The buzz amongst the pupils has definitely justified the decision to try something new and with a growing number of interested staff wanting to don their boots and take on the course, it has definitely had the desired effect in such indifferent and challenging times.
Thanks to Jewson’s Looe, Wanless PK Ltd, Lantoom Quarry, Geoffrey Harris Tyres Liskeard, Mole Valley Farmers, Bond Timber, Cornish Tea, Tipsy Cow Lanreath, FIIT CLUB, Castang Wine Shippers, The Coastal Carpenter, The Grain in Liskeard, B J Taylor Construction & Groundworks for their support and supply of materials to enable this, our groundsman Hill Ryder Enhanscapes Ltd for his expert mowing skills to get all 40 holes started, Mr Gilbert our Technology Technician for prepping all the posts and always being on hand to help and last but by no means least, our ex-student Joseph Stevens for such awesome footage thanks to his rather handy piloting skills with a drone. Thank you all so much.
A big thank you to Mr Riley and all those who have also helped with this.