Year 8 students from Liskeard School and Community College submitted designs last month for a competition to design a ‘sharing pot’ organised by The Leach Pottery in St Ives.

Ideas for the sharing pots included a tea-pot designed like a beehive for the singer Beyonce, a platter for the emergency services and a mug for Winnie the Pooh. The students won third prize and were awarded £500 for materials (the original prize was for students to attend the studio at The Leach Pottery to bring their designs to life, but due to covid this was changed to a cash prize instead). Mrs Schooling, art teacher at Liskeard School organised a Pottery and Pizza Day in school during half term to give the students an opportunity to realise their designs. Working with their teachers Gabby Schooling and Jayne Buchanan, students had a crash course in pottery techniques culminating in the creation of a really impressive range of confident and interesting pieces.

The students will be returning to the studio in the next few weeks, ready to glaze and finish their pots using some special materials the school has bought with the prize money they were awarded.

The students said how much they enjoyed the pottery day. One student was told he had made the best progress on the day and he agreed, saying ‘when I started, I thought I was terrible but then ended up making my design using a casting technique that I hadn’t thought about and didn’t know existed’. Another student was struggling with a very difficult design challenge where the pot was very top heavy, she said ’once I was shown that I could use templates to help me with the shapes then it was much easier to create an effective pot.’