Over the last month, around 40 students in year 8 and 9 from Liskeard School & Community College have been taking part in a number of virtual sessions learning about roles of Parliament and how it works. This started off as just two sessions, where students first learnt about what Parliament is and how it works, including some of the old traditions that are still followed today. In the second session, students investigated how Parliament make laws, focusing specifically on the ‘Parliamentary Ping-Pong’ that happens between the House of Commons and the House of Lords before a Bill finally gains Royal Assent into law. In this, students had the opportunity to debate their own new law and go through the process MPs would.

In addition to these two workshops, students also had the opportunity to have a Q&A with Deputy Speaker of the House Dame Rosie Winterton. This was a one-off session Liskeard were lucky to be selected for, as only around 30 schools nationally per year get this opportunity. This involved students attending a preparation session to decide their questions before finally putting everything they have learnt into practice and asking these questions to Dame Rosie Winterton. All of this hard work seems to have paid off and at the end of the session, the Deputy Speaker took the time to say how well informed the students were and what excellent questions they had produced.

In what has been a very difficult and different year, it was great to still be able to offer this opportunity and more to the students, even if virtually. They were really engaged throughout and were excellent ambassadors of the school in the final session. Myself, Mr Pollard and Mrs Snowling were all extremely impressed with the students involved and proud of the way they conducted themselves.

Mr Aird