As part of the work-based learning undertaken in school, Year 9 students at Liskeard School and Community College took a day out of their studies to experience the world of work with their parents, family and friends.  Students were able to find out what their parents do for a job, ask questions about what essential skills and qualifications were needed and have an insight into today’s ever-changing workplace.  Hopefully, they will now be able to appreciate a parents’/carers role, understand the complexity of career choices and to start developing their own career pathway.  The more students understand, the more informed the decisions about their own future career will be.  Roll on Year 10 when they will be participating in a full week of work experience! 

A big thank you to all of our local employers that participated.  Here are just some of our students during their experience: 

Liskeard News – Emma Stratford 

Prydis – Grace Dunn

St Martin’s School – Tia Price 

Liskerrett Pre School – Ben

Community Treasure Chest – Shyheim Constance 

Powerquip – Finley Davey