What a wonderful experience for our year 10 GCSE Food and Nutrition students at Liskeard School and Community College, who had the opportunity of welcoming a team from the Royal Navy to come and cook with them.

Three Royal Navy personnel visited and presented an informative presentation about the roles in the Royal Navy with a focus on the logistics team. They describe how they work on different ships and how the food was prepared and served. They had all worked on several different-sized ships and travelled to numerous countries, explaining that they had to adapt their menus according to the food ingredients of the country they were visiting.

Following the presentation, the practical fun began; each team of students were given ingredients and a recipe sheet to make two of the popular dishes served on board. They made seafood paella and flapjack; both dishes had to be made in 50 minutes and served for taste testing. With the guidance of the three chefs, all students successfully achieved the task. The chefs tasted them, and all produced a well-seasoned successful dish.