Our Student Council

Every school in our Multi Academy Trust has a student council.  We meet together every few weeks to talk about what we would like to improve and to share ideas such as how to raise money for charity.

Every half term, four members of each student council travel to one of the schools in the Trust for a larger meeting that lasts all day.  We decide what topics we should talk about and come up with ideas and recommendations for the Trust Board to talk about.

In one of these meetings we helped to design this site that you are using at the moment.  For reports from all the meetings we have had since SMART started please see the Student Council Meetings page.

Contact The Student Web Team

If you would like to send the web team a message or a suggestion via email please fill out the form below. Your message goes to a teacher at the school who has agreed to send it on to the right student leader.

Three reasons you may want to contact us are:

  1. If you have an idea that will help us improve the Trust or one of our schools
  2. If you wish to enter competitions being run by a council
  3. If you have a question and the FAQ section below doesn’t have the answer.

Find out more about your school student council by clicking on the name of your school:

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Campaigns, Competitions and Polls

All of our student councils do an excellent job of raising money for charities and understanding the big issues facing our world today.  We want to involve as many students as possible in projects that improve our schools or improve the World!

The Campaign

Our chosen campaign at the moment is to remind older people in our community just how brilliant students are and share a little happiness as well.  We will be sending our pictures, poems and stories to nursing homes in South East Cornwall to brighten their day.

The Competition

Please send us a poem, or a photo of a drawing you have done or a painting you did.  In fact, any original work that will impress, or bring a smile to the face of a person in our community who is in a nursing home.

  • The best five entries will appear on this site
  • The best entry will receive a £5 gift token.
  • Sorry all of you skilled people around the world, you have to be a student in SMART to win the prize but we would like to see your work and pass it on anyway.

Send us the work at studentleaders@smart-trust.net