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Joining SMART Trust

Our Trust is committed to South East Cornwall so will only usually consider schools situated within the Caradon area.  If you are a school in this region however there are a number of ways in which you can engage in partnership with our Trust or join the Trust. Our CEO would welcome an opportunity to discuss these in a meeting with your Headteacher:

Full membership of SMART Trust

We are now in a position to be able to expand and added a new Nursery to SMART this year.  We recognise that joining a Trust is a process that requires numerous discussions and visits spread sometimes over a period of many months.  It is important to us to only engage schools and groups of schools who share our ethos, vision and principles but if you do then we are committed to exploring possible closer working relationships.  Please get in touch.

Service Level Agreements

As a Trust, any of our central services can also be used by other schools who are not in the Trust.  These require us to employ permanent staff so we require an SLA to be signed and a minimum one year contract.  The following services are either currently being provided under SLA to other schools or are able to be.

  • Grounds maintenance
  • EWO – Education Welfare Officer
  • ICT – Full network and domain management by rolling programme
  • Compliance services
  • Financial services advice for those using PSF
  • Safeguarding review
  • Caretaking and facilities

Shared Services and Resources

Our commitment to the region also extends into any training we provide and any resources we create.  All of these services are freely available to any school in the area that are able to use them.  This includes encouraging all of our staff to look outward and engage in collaborative practice with other schools in the area wherever possible.

If a training event we are providing has any costs attached we are committed to sharing these evenly for all schools whether in the Trust or not.