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Key Knowledge

Across the Trust in every classroom we have clear shared intent when it comes to the teaching of key knowledge.  We all know how enormously important it is for children to continuously develop their vocabulary.  Some estimate suggests they need to learn at least fifteen new words or new meanings each day!  So we take time to work out exactly which vocabulary is needed, what key ideas and what examples.  Most schools have decided to collect these together in ‘Knowledge Organisers’ and there is currently a wide range of ideas for how best to use these to ensure children are comfortable using all the words they need to be able to properly experience and properly explain the curriculum.

Sharing our approaches across the Trust and our knowledge organisers has been a real learning journey.  We have found that although the key tier 3 vocabulary is a common feature, staff have experimented with a wide selection of methods and forms in primary and secondary.  Also, as we learn more about the most common misconceptions we are realising some of the gaps in vocabulary that make it much harder to understand new ideas.

Some examples of knowledge organisers used in the Trust at time of print are shown below.