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Year 9 Students at Liskeard School Create Eco-Friendly Sweet Dispensers in Product Design Project

Liskeard School's Year 9 students have been busy putting their Product Design skills to the test by taking on a challenging multi-material project. Over the course of the Spring term, the students were tasked with researching classic sweet dispenser designs before coming up with their own unique concepts.

To add an eco-friendly twist to their designs, the students decided to incorporate recycled jars into their creations. Using layers of plywood as their primary material, they set to work creating a sturdy base for the dispenser. They were guided through the process using a range of tools, including a pillar drill, belt sander, and hand drills. The students also learnt how to countersink screws to ensure a high-quality finish for their final products.

One of the things that makes Liskeard School's Product Design programme so special is the range of tools and machines available to students. The workshops are fully equipped with everything students need to bring their creative ideas to life.

According to Darren Bainbridge, Head of Design and Technology at Liskeard School, the project had an important sustainability focus. "What I especially like about this project is that it focuses on the concept of sustainability and the environment, which is such an important consideration in modern design."

The Green Machine project has allowed students to develop their design and engineering skills while also encouraging them to think more critically about the impact of their work on the environment. By incorporating recycled materials into their designs, they have shown that creativity and sustainability can go hand in hand.