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Review by: Kate Jackman

  • Easy to dip in and out of – nice to learn through questions that are often FAQs for newly qualified SENCO (I wish I had this book earlier).
  • Good reminders for Ofsted questions and data collection for progress of children with SEN
  • Useful information to have at hand to help training Assistant SENCo and LSAs
  • Pocket guide at your fingertips for acronyms updates
  • Checklists for exam access arrangements and EHCP preparation
  • Statutory changes where we can save time

I think we all know that the SENCO Award doesn’t train you for the job, it is more research around invested interest to do the job well. 

SENCOs are left to learn how to apply for EHCPs; where to refer learners and families; how to conduct EAA; and administration is 90% of the job, yet we are so hands on most of the time. 

What interests me is how staff around the SENCO, support the administration and how we as SEND leaders are being are most effective and efficient in the time that we have.

A good book, well worth having in the back pocket, there is so much to remember.