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On this page you will find all of the latest OFSTED reports for all of the schools in the Trust. Every school has had an OFSTED inspection at least once since becoming part of the Trust.



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Summary of outcomes


February 2020

OFSTED - Liskeard School & Community College

Liskeard was rated: Good.

And Liskeard Sixth Form was rated: Good

There was particular praise for the restructuring of the curriculum that had been achieved by middle leaders.


January 2019

OFSTED - Looe Community Academy

Looe was rated: Good. There was particular praise for the high expectations of learners, the personalised approach and the impressive range of the curriculum despite being a smaller school.


May 2019

OFSTED - Saltash Community School

Saltash was rated: Requires Improvement.

And Saltash Sixth Form was rated: Good

Middle leadership and governance were highlighted as contributing to the KS4 results that had been lower than the national average and falling. Since the report, leadership capacity has been increased each year, the results are improving and the LGC has undergone review.


July 2022

OFSTED - Landulph Primary School

Landulph was rated: Good

The strong support from parents and students was recognised along with the safe and nurturing culture.  A five-year project of review of the curriculum had just begun when the inspection took place and the first foundation subjects that had been through the review were praised.  The recommendations align to the work that school is doing and confirmed the school now needs to ensure the key knowledge organisers, concepts and assessments are in place in all subjects as soon as is practical.


September 2021

OFSTED - Trewidland Primary & Pre-School

Trewidland was rated: Good

There was particular praise for the exceptionally high results of the parent survey and the positive comments from the community as well as the excellent curriculum model and concept tacking reflected in teacher’s intent.


January 2020

OFSTED - Dobwalls Community Primary School

Dobwalls was rated: Requires Improvement

Achievement and year on year improvement in all of the core subjects was recognised as was the positive reports from parents and pupils.  The foundation subjects however were not of the required standard.  A new foundation curriculum had been introduced two weeks prior to the visit and although it was accepted that this would meet the requirement it was the current and previous work that had to be considered.  Since the report the new foundation curriculum has been embedded to good effect and standards have risen accordingly.

Liskeard School Nursery

February 2020

OFSTED - Liskeard School & Community College

Liskeard School Nursery was rated: Good

The ethos and care and attention afforded each of the children was particularly noted as well as the excellent provision regardless of the relatively small size.