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Anonymous reporting tool

Thank you for using this form and for sharing your concerns with us. We are sorry that this happened to you.

By reporting it to us you are helping us to make the school better and you are helping to protect all the other children. So, thank you.

Please answer as many of these questions as you can. If you can tell a teacher this would be even better, but we understand if you want to be anonymous.

Please only report things that have actually happened to you.

In your school there are posters with a four-figure code number on them. Please enter this code below so we know which school this happened in.

Please tell us what you experienced.

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If what you experienced is not in the list above, please add a short description below.

Please tell us what happened.

Where did the incident take place?

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Please tell us why it was wrong.

If you would like an adult at the school to talk to you about this and check if you are OK, then please add your name and tutor group in this box.