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The Members are the guardians of the Trust’s overall governance. Originally, the founding Members agreed the Trust’s Articles of Association, which is the legal document which outlines the Trust’s governance structure.

In addition to having the power to change the Trust’s name, to agree expansion/contraction targets and ultimately, if necessary, to wind the Trust up, Members fulfil the following key roles. They:

  • Provide ‘eyes on, hands off’ oversight of the effectiveness and integrity of the Trust Board
  • Ensure the Trust’s charitable object is carried out
  • Appoint and remove Trustees
  • Appoint and remove Members
  • Direct Trustees
  • Amend the Trust’s Articles of Association
  • Appoint and remove Auditors


Peter Castell, Prof Brian Chalkley and Ken Martin.

Peter Castell


Brian Chalkley






Ken Martin

Lee Hallam